Bali Collab is the agency for the inspired traveler.

We fell in love with Bali, also known as “The Island of the gods”, and are obsessed about discovering the most exclusive spots and newest locations.

And because we know that every traveler is different, all our offers are tailor-made to satisfy all travel cravings! 


Have you ever dreamed of discovering the must sees and the hidden wonders of Bali and Indonesia?

After living several years on the island and exploring hundreds of spots, our team knows the most beautiful locations and best kept secrets of the island.

Whether you want an all-inclusive package or a unique adventure, we will make sure you experience an unforgettable sunkissed trip. You’re just a flight away from paradise!

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Bali Collab is the leading collaboration platform for influencers and content creators in Bali.

With several years of experience in influencer marketing, we help connect influencers and businesses to create high-quality content and develop brand awareness on social media.

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